How To Rearrange Posts With Date Option And Plugins


How To Rearrange Posts With Date Option And Plugins

Just loving WordPress here! Like for example did you know this little SEO friendly program sorts blog posts by date and that the most recent submission appears 1st. But what happens when you want to have entries showed in a different manner? One way is using the menus on the blog account to reorder your posts. But if having a self-hosted WordPress site things will be done different with the usage of a plugin.

Here is how it’s done.

  • Change the date

  1. 1st log in your WordPress account. There click the “Posts” link on the left hand side of the page.

  2. Hover and go with the mouse over the post title which you desire to modify. There click the “Quick Edit” link which will display the post.

  3. In the “Date” field enter the desired date and press the “Save” button that appears. So it is obvious that the more recent the date is the higher the post will appear. If you will repeat this on other posts the order could be the one you desire.

  • Use a plugin

  1. Click the “Plugins” link that you will find on the left side of the page and then click the “Add New” button on the page that appears.

  2. Simply type “post reorder” in the text field and then click “Search Plugins” to be able to access a list of relevant features. Here you will find the “postMash” plugin, a feature that will allow you to create a new post order by simply drag and dropping things. Other plugins like “aiXorder” will let you set the order of the post based on popularity.

  3. Now click the Install Now button which you will find next to the plugin of your choice. From there follow the onscreen prompts that will direct you to how to add this feature on your site. Notice that all plugins work different one from another based on what applications you use.

So there you have it folks, numerous ways to update your blog and arrange the posts in the desired order.

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