How To Create A Facebook Fan Page


How To Create A Facebook Fan Page

The users of Facebook are limited to individuals pages also it limits you how many “friends” you can have on Facebook. If you are a organization, business, celebrities or other people and you want to add a large number of friends you must create a Facebook Fan Page in order to achieve that. The creation of an Facebook Page is easy and is similar to the process of creating a Facebook account.

After the Fan Page is done users can indicate that they “like” a Page and see the Page’s updates in the Facebook streams. Here we got the simple steps to create a Fan Page follow this instruction below:

  • Go on find the button “Create a Page” is placed beneath the sign-up box.

  • You need to choose the type of Fan Page you want to create. You can chose from six types

  • “Local Business or Place,” “Company, Organization, or Institution,” “Brand or Product,” “Artist, Band, or Public Figure,” “Entertainment” and “Cause or Community.”

  • After filling the initial sign up form and you agreed to the Facebook Pages terms, click the button “Get Started”. If you don’t have an account, create one if you don’t already have one.

  • To customize the page go to the “Edit Page” button in the upper-left corner of your new Page.

  • To edit a section of the Fan Page just use the menu on the left. Page’s permission is by default the first. The settings will help in order to determine who can see the Page content.

  • To complete forms click the button “Basic Information”. You will need to fill out your business, organization’s, contact information, general description and location.

  • Upload a picture that you will use as the Page main picture in order to do this go and click the “Profile Picture” button. The picture that you will choose will appear with every update sent.

  • Add administrator Page and now you can set it up for any mobile device and you can also add some apps on the page . Use the menu on the left to configure your Fan Page.

  • When you are done click the “View Page” button. Go back to editing interface by clicking the “Edit” ore “Edit Info” button on your Page if you need to add or change any content.


You can complete the Page when you wish, to is not require to complete the Page all at one time. You are able to complete just a little information on it at first.

I hope you enjoy your new Fan Page on Facebook. Let us know how you did.

Fan Page on Facebook

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