How To Upload A Banner On Your Website


How To Upload A Banner On Your Website

If you have a website, you can use a banner image as a header to reinforce your theme or your web site design. You can use banners as a graphical link to other websites or you can use banners like a eye-catching image to inform a website visitor to an important thing. The first step is to upload the respectively image to an online host before you can put on your web site. After that, you can use the HTML code to inert the uploaded image on your website.

Here are the steps for How To Upload A Banner On Your  Website:

  1. You must upload your banner picture to your website hosting server. But if you don’t have a host is not a problem, because you can upload the banner image to an image-hosting server, like Photobucket, ImageShack or PostImage.

  2. Now record the URL of your banner image. You will need this step to your HTML code.

  3. Open the HTML code in a text or in an online editor.

  4. Now you must to highlight the following code, right click and select “Copy” from this menu: <img src=”BannerURL”>

  5. Now press left click to to place the cursor within the code.

  6. Press right click and then press “Paste” from the menu to paste a copy of the HTML code into the editor.

  7. Copy and paste the URL or highlight the “BannerURL” text and type the URL of the image to replace the default text. Very important is to don’t remove the quotes around the image URL during this process.

  8. The last step is to save your changes of your website HTML and finally publish the page. Now, when you open your updated website, you will see the uploaded banner image.

How To Upload A Banner On Your Website

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