How to Reserve / Buy a .xxx Domain Name


How to Reserve / Buy a .xxx Domain Name

This article is going easily learn you how to buy or reserve a .xxx Domain, that can be done through the registry company that is going to be handling the name allocation.

The “ICANN” – Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers has recently approved a new top-level domain which is shortly abbreviated TLD for domain names that end in .xxx, this domain name is going to legitimate adult-themed websites.

Check The Instructions On How To Buy / Reserve A .xxx Domain Name: Step 1:

To reserve or to claim an .xxx domain is similar as for buying a .net, .com or other domain extension. Go to ICM Registry website and Reserve or Pre-Reserve the required .xxx domain by clicking on the “Pre-Reserve” or ” Reserve” button.

Step 2:

Click on to “Click here to sign up for an account”, and fill in the form with the account information like name, address and the rest of the required information.

Step 3:

Now check the email that you have registered with and confirm your registration, click the link you have received from ICM Registry but, if it doesn’t work copy and paste the link into your browser and confirm your ICM registration.

Step 4:

Use your email and password to log-in to your ICM account

Step 5:

Reserve the .xxx names for domain names that you already have in other high-level domains using the Pre-Owned section of ICM registration. For example if you already own, use Pre-Owned field and the reserve the name

Step 6:

You will be able to use the “Wish List” fields to request name reservation for domains that own at the moment from the other top-level domains.

Step 7:

To submit the .xxx name reservation request to ICM, click “Submit” button.

Do you think that everything is the same? Well i guess adult websites will not be affected whether is called .com or .xxx . This industry will have it’s fans no matter the extension name.


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