How To Set Up Parental Controls In Windows XP


How To Set Up Parental Controls In Windows XP

A lot of parents want to protect their kiddos from the malicious contents of some internet web pages, so if the safety your kid concerns you, here are a few tips that shows you how to use the built-in Windows XP parental controls.

We are sure that if you are reading this article, you’re worried about your kiddo’s online safety, and probably you’ve already tried some filtering software, but as you already know (or not) they also have weaknesses. So, the built-in Windows XP parental controls might be just what you’re searching for.

Content Advisor in Internet Explorer

Let’s see how to use the Content Advisor in Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer’s Content Advisor is what you just might need to protect your children from the inappropriate online content, but, of course, you have to use Internet Explorer as browser for this method to work. Almost all internet browsers offer you ways to ban the malicious contents of the webpages and increase the online safety of your family.

We’ll show you how things work with Internet Explorer:

  1. Launch Internet Explorer

  2. Click the “Tools” menu in the menu-bar, then click “Internet Options”

  3. Select the “Content” tab in the Internet Options window, then click on the “Enable” button

  4. In the Content Advisor window, select the categories you want your family to be protected from, and choose the level that fits your needs.

  5. In the “General” tab, choose a password, so every time someone wants to access a restricted site, wants to disable the Content Advisor, or change the password, they will be prompted to give the password you chose.

Content Advisor in Internet Explorer

Windows Media Player

The parental controls for Windows XP can also be implemented if you want to protect your family from inappropriate content coming from DVDs. You can do this in 3 easy steps:

  1. Start Windows Media Player

  2. Go to “Tools” -> “Options” in Windows Media Player menu bar, then click on the DVD tab

  3. Check the enable parental controls box and so you will have your kiddos protected from malicious DVD contents

But besides the Parental Control softwares, here are some extra tips:

  • Install your PC in the living room; this makes it easier for you to take a peek from time to time (but don’t let your kiddo feel that you’re spying on him / her)

  • Make your child feel that you are interested in what he / her is doing at the computer

  • Explain them that it’s not good to give their names or home address to strangers on the internet

  • Make your kiddo understand not to enter their phone number in profiles

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