How Do I Open .exe Files?


How Do I Open .exe Files?

I know it sounds stupid, but there are lots of Windows users that ask this question pretty frequently. The .exe extension refer to executable files, which are Microsoft Windows applications. The .exe files start a program for your computer, so just opening them is all you have to do if you want the program started. But if you use a Mac OS operating computer, you will not be able to open this kind of files.

The .exe files are used for a wide range of tasks, like installing an application, starting your web browser, like Windows Explorer, Mozilla or Chrome, or you favorite audio player or video game. But, the .exe files also contain malicious viruses and  malware that can harm your operating system.

So, enough with the boring stuff and let’s see how to open a .exe file:

  1. First find the .exe file navigating to the folder containing it

  2. Double-click the .exe file

  3. When asked for permission to run the application, click yes or provide administrator password, but remember do this only if you are sure that the file is safe

EXE file icon

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