How To Disable The Parental Controls Feature In Windows 7


How To Disable The Parental Controls Feature In Windows 7

The Parental Controls utility has been introduced by Microsoft in Microsoft Vista, and it’s available in Windows 7. Its purpose is to limit the time spent on your PC by your children, and it can put a time limit on the use of programs and games or even block them entirely.

The Windows 7 Parental Controls are really useful, but if you can’t remember how you enabled it, then you can learn how to disable it here. Also if you’ve accidentally enabled it, and want to disable it once again, then you don’t need to call the Geek Squad and pay $$$ for the alleged repair or buy a new computer. Just follow the guide below!

  1. Use the administrator account to log in.

  2. Go to the button on the left-hand corner of your desktop and click “Start”.

  3. In the search box just type “Parental Controls” and it will appear in the search results.

  4. Now you need to select the account you want to turn off the Parental Controls.

  5. Under the Parental Controls you will see an “Off” button, then click it.

  6. To finish go on the “Ok” button.

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