How To Fix “A required .DLL file was not found” Error Message


How To Fix “A required .DLL file was not found” Error Message

I’ve never met a Windows OS user that haven’t received the “A required .DLL file was not found” error message, so this means that someone has to teach you how to solve this problem. I’ll try to be that someone for you.

When you get the “Windows cannot find the filename.dll” or ”A required .DLL was not found” error message, it mean the respective dynamic link library file is missing from your computer or that is corrupt.

For fixing this problem, first you have to know a few things about Dynamic Link Library (DLL) files. Windows OS uses this kind of files for reducing the memory usage, so they are built to help the OS work more efficiently. The operating system copies the DLL files for each application that uses it, and the DLL files can be used at the same time by several programs, sharing its code.

There are several causes that lead to “missing” DLL files. Mainly, the “A required .DLL file was not found” error message is caused by a uninstalled programs that remove a DLL that was also used by another application, or because the DLL file is corrupted by a mis-installed application. But the error message can also be caused by viruses that that remove the DLL file, or because it was overwritten by a newly installed application.

So, let’s see how to fix the “missing” .dll file issue:

Installing the Latest Windows Updates

Fortunately, this issue can be easily solved, once you update your Windows OS to the latest version. In order to do so, all you have to do is go to the “Start” button, click it, search for “Windows Update” in the search box, click “Check for Updates, then click “Install”. When the installation is over, click the “Finish” button.  Once the latest Windows update is installed, the missing DLLs issues and other errors are fixed, but you should scan your computer in order to find any viruses that might remove the DLL files.

Downloading and Registering a New .dll file

Another way of fixing this issue is simply downloading a copy of the “missing” DLL file, then register it. You can download the needed file from the online sites that provide DLL files, by simply searching then downloading it. Once you have the “missing” DLL file, go to “Start”, search for “cmd” and press Enter. After the Windows Command Prompt opens, simply type “regsvr32 filename.dll” and press Enter. Restart your computer and ”Windows cannot find the filename.dll” or ”A required .DLL was not found” error message should not pop-up anymore.

"A requiered .DLL fie, was not found" error message

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