What Is The .CUR File Extension ?


What Is The .CUR File Extension ?

Have you ever wondered what Windows system used to indicate the position of the mouse on the screen? The file is called “CUR file” and is a small image file that the operating system uses to indicate the position of the mouse.

The “hot spot”, every file has one his purpose is to indicate the precise location of the file. The CUR file are very much alike the ICO or ANI formats, the CUR files does not have animation.


The operating system uses different CUR files to show different actions available to the user. The arrow is the default of the CUR file and the cursor changes depending on what floats over. That’s why a hand with the pointing finger indicates the user may click on something such as a hyperlink, you can see the hourglass when the PC is busy and it’s performing one task, the I-beam cursor makes an appearance when the user points to an area where he may type.


Graphic editors allow you to save and create images for CUR files. The dimensions needs to be square whit the 16-by-16 or 32-by-32 pixels, in the upper-left corner you will find the hot spot for cursor, some programs let you change this just click in a pixel and set it as the new hot spot.

You can use other images that have other formats to save them as CUR files.


If you want to change the cursor images just go to the Windows Control Panel and selecting the “Mouse” option. Now click on the “Pointers” tab properties window that appears in the Customize list you will see a list of various pointers that the operating system uses. To select any of them, click on the “Browse” button.

This will allow you to navigate you system files plus you can select CUR or ANI files and it will set them as the default cursor. With the help of CSS or JavaScript files you can introduce CUR files into a Web page.


If you are designing a software, you can easily change the cursor so if your floating over a various parts of an application. With the class various programming languages such as C++ and Visual Basic, you can draw, show or hide and return the cursor to its position. Animated images are not supported, and in the case of colors black and white are compatible other colours dont work.

Enjoy and let us know how you managed.

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