How To Get 20GB Of Amazon Cloud Storage For Less Than A Dollar


How To Get 20GB Of Amazon Cloud Storage For Less Than A Dollar

If by any case you need a cheap online storage which you can rely on, this is your lucky day, Reading this article you will find out how to get 20GB of online storage available for a whole year for less than a dollar. You can read here about the benefits of Amazon’s Cloud Drive.

Amazon is having a promotion which you can’t miss, so don’t go anywhere.

Little info about Amazon Cloud Drive and Cloud Player

Amazon Cloud Drive is Dropbox’ rival which provides cloud-based storage. Normally, if you create yourself a free Amazon Cloud Drive account, you will gain an amount of 5GB of free storage, which is the biggest storage space given by all providers.

With the introduction of Cloud Player, things will get more attractive. The Cloud Player can be used from your computer, from Android mobile phones as well as from the internet. Using Cloud Player you will be able to manage your music stored in the Cloud Drive account. It allows you to listen the music as singles, create playlists and have fun with it. If you import music from your computer to your Cloud Drive account it will count against your storage limit, but if you’re music is purchased directly from Amazon, that rule doesn’t apply even if the music is automatically store on your account.

In order to become an important player on the Android market, Amazon is now promoting their products meaning the Cloud Drive and Cloud Player. That’s why the Amazon MP3 app is already installed by default on many Android devices, with the desire to make the customers a part of the Amazon environment with just a simple login. It’s obvious that Amazon wants to stick with Android for the long run, considering their recent investment in the Android app store which they’ve already released.

That’s quite enough information about Cloud Drive and Cloud Player for one day, now lets focus on how you can get the almost free 20GB of storage we’ve talked about.

How you can take advantage of Amazon’s promotion

In order to make Cloud Player adopted faster by the customers, Amazon is having a massive promotion in this period. The idea is that if you buy an MP3 album from Amazon by the end of this year, you will get 20GB of storage Cloud Drive. Let’s say you buy yourself an album which costs about $12, meaning you’ll be paying a buck for each month of storage. Sounds like a reasonable deal, but it get better than that. The great news is that Amazon doesn’t require you to buy an album about a certain price point. We did some digging and it turns out that you’ll receive the automatic storage upgrade no matter what kind of music album you buy and at any price.

So, the best way to do it is to look for the cheapest album there is (of course search for one that you’ll actually listen to) and buy that one. Know that are music albums that have prices lower than one dollar on Amazon’s collection. So, you know this is the best deal ever. After you purchase the desired album, amazon will tell you about the automatic upgrade for your Cloud Drive account. You won’t have to search for any links because a prompt button will be displayed, asking you to start the Cloud Player.

Next, click on the “Launch Amazon Cloud Player” button in order to surf the Cloud Player which is a simple and easy to use music player. Like the player, Cloud Drive has a nice user interface which make organization and uploading very easy.

Now, all you have to do is click the “Upload Files” button and and begin uploading your files on your 20GB storage space which will last for a year.

Amazon Cloud Drive

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