Everything You Need To Know About MDF And MDS


Everything You Need To Know About MDF And MDS

There are so many format used when it comes to copying, burning or virtually mounting a disc image into your computer that at one point you lose track of them. There is even and organization about them which is called International Organization for Standardization. At 1st the MDF extension was developed to work only with Alcohol Soft’s Alcohol 120%, which is an optical disc authoring program and at the same time also can be used as an image emulator. Also the MDS is needed by the program and is embracing the MDF extension.

  • MDF (Media Disc Image Files)

This file format was made by Alcohol Soft for its Alcohol 120% disc authoring program. The files used in this, are composed of CD and DVD images. With other words these are a copy of data from things like CDs and DVDs. It is just like an ISO disc that uses sector-by-sector direct copy of the disk data.

This will prove to be very useful when copying CD to CD and make the image run. But keep in mind that the MDF is only half of the thing here because it not contains objects like header or track information.

  • MDS (Media Description Files)

This is the little brother of the thing presented above. This is so because although the MDF has the actual data needed, the MDS file is the item that organizes that data. You will find here all kind of data coming from CDs and DVDs. Here is where that very important header information is located. This is where the tracks of the disc are defined and where the computer finds out how the data is organized. To make you better understand thing as the MDF being the building material and the MDS is something like a blueprint from which the architect, the computer in this case, knows how to do things.

  • Programs with which to use them

Now we will speak about with what programs you will be able to access these files. Being an extension made available by Alcohol it is obvious their software Alcohol 120% will run these extensions. But on the market there are other programs that use this files like: DT Soft DAEMON Tools,  CyberLink PowerDVD 10 Mark II, MagicISO, Smart Projects IsoBuster and WinMount International. All these will let you use the images created. Other smaller programs are: EZB Systems UltraISO, DVD Shrink and ImgBurn but keep in mind that these only can access the MDS format and not the MDF.

  • How to use them

Well now that you know all you need about this sort of files let’s see how you can use them. You will be able to back up an entire library of CDs and DVDs by making some exact burnable digital copies. So you imagine that now you will be able to store safely away until further usage.

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