What Is New And Awesome In Mozilla Firefox 4


What Is New And Awesome In Mozilla Firefox 4

It’s out guys, for all the Firefox users now we have Firefox 4 for Windows/Mac/Linux and it is amazing, with new and improved features:

  • The fresh interface

  • The synchronization

  • The improved speed

Check the new stuff in Firefox 4, i’m really amazed whit this new features in this latest Firefox:

Improved Speed


In the older versions of Firefox people made lots of complains about the speed, in this latest version of Firefox the problem has been resolved. In fact this version is much more faster then the previous Firefox’s. Using its new Jägermonkey engine for the JavaScript performance, startup times and graphics.

This version of Firefox is six times faster than the previous versions and better boasting to, go ahead and test this version and tell me about your opinion. I’m sure that you tried out the beta back in the summer, I can guarantee you that this latest version of Firefox 4 is remarkably improved.

A really cool feature is the BarTab-like into the browser that loads your focused tab first when you restore a session. Then the others will start to load so you can switch to them.

This helps browsing and it will load your other tabs as you work on that first page, whit no risk of crashing under the load of rendering more than one tabs at once.

The Fresh Interface

New User Interface

Firefox 4 comes now with far more pixel-friendly, the tabs are moved now at the top of the window, this is really helpful because it saves much more space. The second option i enjoyed is that, you can now put all its menu in a new “Firefox” button on Windows and Linux, the place where you can find it is in the upper right-hand corner of the window a pretty nice achievement. The toolbar is amazingly clean with moving the reload and stop buttons into your address bar and making it one small condensed button. I enjoy a clean toolbar another great job done by Firefox 4.

The Tabs

Firefox Panorama: How To from Aza Raskin on Vimeo.

You sure you love tabbed browsing and Mozilla knows this, that’s way some of the biggest feature improvements are the managing of your tabs, whit the help of the great Tab Panorama organization window. Tab Panorama’s job is to show visual layout of the opened tabs by you and let’s you organize them by task, whit individual group that you can open one at a time. So it saves your groups and it does not mix tab bar whit them.

That’s not all Firefox doesn’t stop here, the new features keep on coming, now you can “pin” tabs like you can in Google Chrome, that sends a tab to the left of your tab bar as a small favicon-only tab for those sites you keep open all the time. Also you can open tab in Firefox’ address bar and switch to it, helps a lot so you will not open tabs that you already have.

Synchronization Features


The synchronization comes with :

  • Password

  • Bookmark

  • History

  • Tabs

  • Preference

Cross-browser is pretty good deal Xmarks and LastPass. this is a pretty nice feature for the preference syncing alone .When you get an new PC or you do a reinstall, you daunt need to do nothing because all your preferences will be immediately synced there. Plus if you are a user of Firefox mobile on Android or Maemo, the sync is possible. All I can say is : GOOD JOB.

The improvements of Firefox 4 don’t stop here. With WebM video format support, better graphic acceleration, plugin sandboxing for better crash protection, extra privacy protection, plus the increased HTML5 and CSS3. If you want the full list of the new features, go to the Mozilla’s introduction page, I suggest you download it and check it up just give it a try. Let me know what feature you enjoyed the most and leave us a comment.

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