How To Read The NYT (New York Times) For Free By Clearing The Cookies


How To Read The NYT (New York Times) For Free By Clearing The Cookies

I just hate the fact the although New York Times is a good source of information for U.S. and other countries after reading 20 articles per calendar month you will be asked to pay and so buy a digital subscription. Now let’s see if there is a back entrance to all this!


The basic cost of this is around $15 per month. With this money you will have access to all content that the NYT website has to offer from things varying from computer to mobile phone. But be careful because if you will want to read the content from a tablet you will have to pay around $20 a month. You can see la this at

How to pass the pay thingy:

Well this is basically possible because NYT still uses browser cookies and not your IP address. In there, they store the information regarding how many articles you have read. One easy way would be to switch from browser to browser. Like for example, you can read 20 articles on Chrome and then another 20 on Mozilla Firefox 4. After those 40, nothing stops you from using IE for another piece of 20. This happens because as you probably know, cookies are not shared among browsers.

But why stay and change all the time and every month the browser when there is an easier way to do things. Like for example, there is nothing stopping you to clear the browser cookie jar. This is usually done from the Privacy settings but I consider a much easier way by using a bookmarklet.

Here are the steps for doing this:

  1. Drag and drop the Remove NYT Cookies bookmarklet and place it in your favorite bar.

  2. Now open any story that you want to read on the New York Times website and click the thingy above. This will delete your cookies and send them back to zero.

Below is a demo on how to do this:

This thing should be use only when you are reading the New York Times website. If you have and suspicions about if things have worked simple copy and paste “javascript:alert (document.cookie)” in your browser address and press enter. If you were thinking to disable cookies in your browser this won’t work because the newsletter website requires cookies to work.

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