How To Format An Apple MacBook And Reinstall The OS X


How To Format An Apple MacBook And Reinstall The OS X

Although the Apple OS X is far more stable than what Microsoft has to offer that doesn’t make it flawless. I mean even on the MAC there will come a time when a nice, clean formatting for your hard drive and to reinstall your OS X, will be needed.

And like in the Windows case, because all the data is lost during the format there will be the need to back up the data onto an external hard drive or something like a CD-R or DVD-R (although I don’t think all your information will enter only on one lousy CD-R). After doing that entire backup now the real deal begins.

You will have to reinstall all the additional software packages starting from word processing suites and image manipulation programs, programs that may require serial numbers or activation keys.

  1. 1st connect the MacBook’s power supply and be sure to shut down by pressing the Apple menu and select the “Shut Down” button.

  2. Insert the Mac OS X installation disk and click it when it will appear.

  3. Now you will have to select the desired language from a list. After the choice has been made select the “Utilities” menu and click on the “Disk Utility”

  4. Now you will have to select your hard drive. It will be called “Macintosh HD” by default. Click the “Erase” button. You will be asked for a new name to be designated four your hard drive. Now select the “Mac OS Extended (Journaled)” from the “Format” drop-down menu and press the “Erase” button

  5. Quit the Disk Utility by selecting “Quit” in the File menu. Now all that you have to do is follow the remaining prompts in order to reinstall Mac OS X.

So, we hope you will enjoy your fresh OS and that will help you access more frequently our SoftSailor site.

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