How To Jailbreak Amazon Kindle Running Firmware Version 3.1


How To Jailbreak Amazon Kindle Running Firmware Version 3.1

Kindle, the well known reading device has now a new software update, version 3.1 being recently released by Amazon. The new update comes with a few improvements to make the usage more easier, such as the page numbers shown on a secondary display.

The bad news is that, once updating Kindle’s software to 3.1, the jailbreak (if you done it) will be removed and you’ll no longer have the possibility to use the device as you did before.

However, a hacker named Yifan Lu discovered another way to jailbreak the Kindle device, and allow users to make use of features such as tethering, enable USB networking, custom screensavers or custom fonts.

In order to install the jailbreak, you have to copy the corresponding .bin file (depends which Kindle model you own) onto the root of the Kindle USB drive, the head to Settings>Menu>Update Your Kindle.

The installation wizard will automatically uninstall the previous jailbreak (in case you have one), so there is no need to do it yourself. If you have the NiLuJe jailbreak, first you need to uninstall it using the uninstall files in the archive.

Note: as you probably know, by performing a jailbreak the Kindle warranty will be voided.

For those who are interested to do the jailbreak anyway, you can download Yifan’s Kindle Jailbreak 0.4: using this direct Link.

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