How To Receive Facebook Mails Once A Day Via RSS


How To Receive Facebook Mails Once A Day Via RSS

Although most of the time you love Facebook and what it offers but there are a few things that just drive you crazy, that’s for sure. Like for example, the constant mails you receive from the social network. Did you know there is a way to stop this from happening and receive at the same time news about your daily activity?

Here are a few steps that will enable you to have all your Facebook news into one little email that will be showed once a day. I mean I don’t think there is a person that dislikes getting emails but receiving a tone of them may become at some point very frustrating. So the idea of turning of Facebook notifications and sending them into one email came to my attention.


There is just one little problem: the site doesn’t offer this feature. So after some Google and a lot of time spent searching I found the best solution, offered by Amit Agarwal on his tech blog Digital Inspiration. Here I found out that although Facebook doesn’t offer such a thing like one mail to rule them all, there is the option for it to provide an RSS feed containing all notifications, friend requests and other things. For this to happen all you will need is a web application named FeedBlitz.

Here is how this application works:

  1. 1st you will have to go to your Facebook notifications settings page and uncheck every email notification except the one that says “Sends me a message.”

  2. Now visit the link Facebook notifications page and find a place where it says “Via RSS”. Copy that link and keep it in your Ctrl+C command

  3. At this point there are many ways in which you can use this information. You can either insert it in any RSS reader that will keep you up to date with notifications or if getting a daily mail with all that’s important using the FeedBlitz app.

  4. It is very simple to make this happen: all you have to do is enter your email and paste the URL in, hover and change the settings to your need and that’s all. Very easy and effective if you ask me.

But there is also a downside to this story (as always). Your notifications are now semi-public (this will happen only for notifications and not the private messages). Basically this happens because Facebook doesn’t offer a password protection for your RSS feed. Also the FeedBlitz will put a ton of ads in your daily mail so it could prove hard sometimes to find what you are looking for.

But if you don’t take these two things in consideration overall this could prove a life/mail changing solution. I have tried it for a while and it did wonders for my inbox.

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