How To Enable Multitouch Gestures On iPad / iPad 2 Running iOS 4.3


How To Enable Multitouch Gestures On iPad / iPad 2 Running iOS 4.3

Once iOS 4.3 was going to add four- and five-finger multitouch gestures to the iPad, but at the official release they didn’t.

The good part is you can enable them with this little trick. YouTube user myjailbreakmovies walks through the no-jailbreak-required process in the video, you need to download Xcode, it’s free and you need it to enable the developer’s mode on your iPad. In the video Xcode is downloaded free, but the more viable alternative is the Mac App Store version though you’ll need to buy the Xcode app for $5 at this link here.


You need to plug in your iPad, launch Xcode from/Developer/Applications/ Automatically the Organizer will launch, in the left of the screenshot you need to click the Use for Development. When you do those handy multitouch gestures for swiping through multitasking applications and jumping to the home screen here is the link so you can see them in action

This video says in the title “iPad 2¬†multitouch gestures” but this works on any iPad running iOS 4.3.

So enjoy it I sure did so let me know how it works for you.

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