How To Rename Multiple Files Using Total Commander


How To Rename Multiple Files Using Total Commander

Renaming more files at once is something that you will use on a daily base. Just imagine that you would have numerous MP3s with some sloppy-looking names. Also after you will put them on an iPod for example things like albums and file sorting will be all messy and wrong. But this will change with some things you will be able to do with Total Commander.

1st of all, let’s see how we can get the program. For those of you who don’t know, Total Commander is a powerhouse file management utility that will have two windows which will let you browse through files and do all kind of different things easily. A classic Total Commander will look like this:

Total Commander

Installing and running Total Commander

At a 1st look for those who used to have things like Norton Commander this will bring back some memories. And, in fact, this is only a nice upgrade from that old file manager program. And when I say upgrade I mean this one will have a tone more features.

Total Commander

Keep in mind that although Total Commander is shareware you will have an unlimited time trial. So 1st get the program from the Total Commander Download Page and install it. It’s easy with a few Next buttons to follow. Run it afterwards.

Selecting the files to manage

After finishing the installation for this application and running it, a window will appear that will look something like this one:

Total Commander

On your operating system some things will vary like the color or font. Also the background could be white with a font a bit blockier. But don’t worry, these sort of things are usually customizable and can be changed from settings.

Now is just a matter of browsing to your desired files. You will be able to select each of them by simply right clicking them or pressing the Insert key.

Go into the multi-rename tool by pressing Ctrl+M. Also if you forget this, you can go from the File menu to the Multi-Rename option.

Total Commander

Renaming those desired files

This will be the place where you will do your thing. Things will look something like in the image bellow and the tool will simply show you the current filenames.

Total Commander

At 1st the old name will be on the left side while the new one will be showed in the right tab. As there are no modifications, the two sides will look the same. Let’s start messing around here a little.

Total Commander

Here are a few things we have done in the image above:

  1. Replacing all the dashes and the underscore with a simple space we 1st typed -|_ into the search box. The “|” is actually the “or” sign. So basically we searched for words that contain dashes OR (|) underscores.

  2. In the replace box just type a single space character. This will happen because you desire to replace all the dashes with simple spaces.

  3. We also ticked the checkbox that says RegEx. This is just a short version of Regular Expressions. We won’t give you any more details about this but we can say to you what we did in this 1st step is in fact a simple regular expression.

  4. Also keep in mind we selected “First of each word uppercase” in the Upper/lowercase drop-down box.

  5. All you have to do is press Start and Total Commander will do the job for you. Having files with no nasty underscores or dashes has never been easier.

Total Commander

This is just a simple function you can do with Total Commander. There are a tone more even when it comes to changing names of different files. I strongly recommend you to use this program on a daily base because it will ease your work like no other.

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