How To Disable The Screen Saver On WIndows 7


How To Disable The Screen Saver On WIndows 7

Some people love to have a screen saver others hate it. This feature usually proves very useful when someone wants to protect his information when he is not at his computer. On Windows 7 there are numerous things you can do during a screen saver break, from password protecting your pc to just disabling it.

But you will ask why I would need to disable such a nice feature. Well for example let’s say you are doing something and at the same time you need to see something on your desktop. There are situations when moving the mouse from time to time becomes frustrating. So here is how to disable the screen saver on Windows 7.

  1. Click “Start” and go to the “Control Panel” option.

  2. Enter “screen saver” in the search field. Here you will find the “Turn Screen Saver On or off” option.

  3. From that menu lock for the field where it says “None”. Select it to be sure no more nasty screen savers will be active on your PC.

Screen Saver

So basically this is all you need to do to have no screen saver on your PC

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