How To Figure What Video Card You Have


How To Figure What Video Card You Have

There are a few things that you need to know about your computer. Like for example what happens when people aske you things like: “how much RAM memory do you have on your computer ?” or “what graphic car do you have ?”.

Although these are not vital information is always nice to know the answers. Like for example let’s talk a little about the video card and how to figure out what you have inside that white box (black or any other color, this is not important here).

The video card is in fact the PC component that makes a connection to a normal monitor or any other display. On most cases this cad is inserted directly into your motherboard but there are a few cases where people use a removable card for their video display need. Knowing what you have inside is very useful when installing different software that requires only a specific type of product.

So here are the few steps into finding out this information:

  1. Click the “Start” button that is situated in the low left corner of the screen.

  2. Notice the Computer writing. Right-click it!

  3. There will be a Manage link inside a pop-up menu. Click it!

  4. Click the Device Manager option

  5. Notice in the menu there is a place where “Display adapters” is located.

  6. Expand the option and find out what video card you have installed inside your machine

So, the next time someone annoys you with those silly questions, you will be able to give to him the right answer and show what a computer geek you are.

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