How To Customize Firefox 4.0 UI Using Stratiform To Make It Even More Personalized


How To Customize Firefox 4.0 UI Using Stratiform To Make It Even More Personalized

UI in Firefox 4.0 is the latest in the business, very easy to use and sharp looking  but when the hard part is if you want to customize it.

You need to use Stratiform extension, so you can make your favorite themes or preferred layout style, so your UI looks exactly how you need it.

Go to Stratiform’s settings look for the Extension Icon in the lower right corner on the Add-ons Bar and click on it.

An new tab will appear opened for distinct UI areas to choose from. You can now customize the styles for all the buttons this focuses on the Toolbar area.


Tab Bar is the second area and it focuses on the mainly effects such as the active tab versus non-active tabs. You can customize colors very easy and if the results are not as you wish you can easily reset to the default.


Add-on Bar settings are very simple, so let us proceed whit the last area of the UI settings , it get’s better you can change even the text on the Menu Button just use your¬†colorful imagination.


If you change the hole idea or just one thing. the conclusion is that in the and you will have an customize fun looking Firefox browser.

Download Stratiform Extension for Mozilla.

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