How To Remove Vocals From Audio Files Via Audacity


How To Remove Vocals From Audio Files Via Audacity

This how to article is ideal for those who like karaoke or for those who like the music but they hate the artist that actually sing it. We will show you how to remove the vocals from music tracks by taking a few easy steps.

First you’ve got to know that stereo tracks have two channels, but not all of the instruments are evenly balanced. Sometimes the rhythm guitar might be placed more towards the left channel, and the bass towards the right one(this is only an example).

The vocals are usually put in the center channel, thus you have the possibility to split the track and invert one channel. This way the instrumental remains untouched, but you’ll get rid of the vocals. The primus tracks are very easy to work with because its extremely unbalanced channels, making the vocals evenly balanced between the two channels, and very simple to remove. If you want to transform a song with lots of vocal effects, it’s better not to, because it will be damaged by the process.

The audio CD is the perfect way to start the process because it’s always best to start with good quality audio. “Garbage in equals garbage out” is one of the most well knows prover in audio editing. As I said, it’s better to start working with an audio CD than a compressed mp3, in order to obtain the best results.

How to remove the Center Channel

Now, start Audacity (if you don’t have it you can download it from Here) and choose the song that you want to work on. You have to split the melody’s two channels in order to obtain two different tracks. You’ll see that next to the tracks title there is a little black arrow, click it and select Split Stereo Track.

Split the stereo track

Next, choose any channel and select the entire track (double-click).

Select the entire track

Head to Effect>Invert.

Invert the channel

If you play the track, you will see that it sounds kind of strange. The Inverted channel sounds like it doesn’t come directly from the speaker, but from around it. Next, you must change every track to “mono” in order to solidify the effect. To do that, just click on the each track’s title, enter the menu and select “mono”.

Change the tracks to "mono"

Once you’ve finished, save the track by heading to File>Export, and it’s ready for karaoke usage.

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