How To Edit Your Own Facebook Comments


How To Edit Your Own Facebook Comments

And again about Facebook! Well this little social network monster really catches the attention of many. This time were going to show you how to edit your comments.

I think most of you have noticed that there is a new comment system, one that enables real-time updates and delivers a better streamlined sharing. But many of you perhaps didn’t know you can edit your comments after you posted them.

Facebook Comments

From 1st we must admit that the newly implemented comment system is a little of-putting. So here are the few steps you would have to follow to edit your comments:

  1. Type and enter your comment normally by simply pressing Enter.

  2. To start a new line in the same comment there are the Shift+Enter keys that need to be pushed together (also keep in mind that this usually works for more programs than you think).

  3. Now with the editing part. Notice there is a little X in the top right corner. Although the info for it says remove the comment press it and be amazed.

  4. The comment will be there for you to edit.

Apparently this will work only a few minutes after posting your comment or before someone else comments after you. So be sure you check after posting because it’s better to have an edit option than to double comment with the correct word or phrase.

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