How To Import Facebook Contacts Mail Address Into Yahoo, Gmail Mail


How To Import Facebook Contacts Mail Address Into Yahoo, Gmail Mail

There are so many things you can do with Facebook these days that it’s hard to keep up the pace and be up-to-date. Like for example did you know you can import Facebook contact emails and save them let’s say in your personal computer. But that also means when you sign up and become a Facebook user your mail will also be available to others to store. Make’s you think a little…

Facebook Import Contacts

Until I read this information I didn’t know that an anonymous person could store my mail and use it as he likes even outside the famous social network site. I thought that the usage would be restricted only when login into his Facebook account. So we thought this will be a perfect time to give you a tutorial in which we will show you how to copy personal mails from persons around Facebook into your computer.

At one side this is useful but it could also convince some people to not press the “add” button so quickly and without thinking it over. But also if someone would break your Facebook account this would prove very useful to have and remake all that social networking you had in your previous account. Also with Facebook becoming a selling market for different products this will keep your potential clients informed even via email.

So, without other words here are the few steps you would have to follow to copy those mails:

  1. Just log in your e-mail account on Yahoo let’s say (don’t know if this will work only for Yahoo, but if you don’t have an account just sign in; fast and charge free).

  2. Notice there is a left column; press contact from it

  3. There could also be a contact tab located on the top of the page. By pressing it you will make the same thing as in step 2.

  4. Somewhere there will be a section named “import your contacts from other Yahoo accounts” or something like that. Notice there is a link that says “import now”. Click it!

  5. After you clicked the link an option will appear that tells you there is a possibility of “choice of contacts”. It is obvious now that this will be the way to import a Facebook email account.

  6. Click the Facebook icon

  7. If you were already signed in Facebook you will see something that looks like the picture bellow the steps of this tutorial. If you reached this point than press the ok button and enable Yahoo to start the import of Facebook email accounts.

  8. If you were not signed in there you should sign in your Facebook account.

Facebook Import Contacts

L.E. After some more reading I found out you can’t import the accounts from Facebook to Gmail. But that doesn’t mean you can’t import them from Yahoo to Gmail! And if I think a little I see no reason why I wouldn’t be able to import from Yahoo and send them to other mail clients like Outlook or Thunderbird.

Also for a better understanding of the steps here is an YouTube video which will show you how to make the email transfer between the two accounts.

There are a few things that came into my attention once I finished writing this article: it is very easy to import things so I will be more careful who I add as my friend next time when I click the accept friend request button. Also I don’t like there is no warning that tells you: “hey buddy, once you accepted this lad, your email address will be available to him and he could start sending nasty spam mails.” This second thing I think bugs me the most. I mean which every day that passes I find out more and more things about Facebook not offering the desired privacy they should offer. Remember the fuss people made when the location option was made available. This time I think it’s somehow the same problem.

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