How To Remove Twitter Applications For Your Computer


How To Remove Twitter Applications For Your Computer

Along Facebook there is another world web phenomenon and it’s called Twitter. And along with this application there are people who are developing different programs that will interact somehow with the website. For example just think on how neat it would be for you to have an application that will perform certain tasks instead of you!

The app that I refer in this case is called Twitterfeed, an application that will enable my Twitter account to update my Twitter status every time I make a blog post. Keep in mind that this is just one of the many because there are numerous out there that do different things.


But to use these applications 1st you have to allow them to access your Twitter account. And this would apply for Facebook to. If I think a little, on most socializing things if you want to use a third party app you will have to grant access to your accounts.

But also these applications have some annoying pop-ups that can even alt-tab us from what we are doing at the moment (imagine playing a network game and just when the situation requires your attention you will be directed into another screen that says “hey man, how are you doing”).

So here is an easy way to remove Twitter applications from your computer:

  1. As always, you would have to log in in your Twitter account.

  2. Notice that in the right-hand corner there is your username. Also a small arrow is located near that same place. Click it!

  3. A menu will appear on your screen. Choose from it the settings button.

  4. This will enable for your Twitter account settings to appear. Notice there is a connection link here. Click it!

  5. Once you did that all your Twitter applications will be showed and also you will have access to edit them in many ways.

  6. Like for example if removing is the thing for you just press the revoke access link under the chosen Twitter application.

  7. Also after revoking its access, this action can be undone if you would press the undo revoke access link. Simple and easy way to enable and disable things from your twitter account.


Also for a better understanding of how things are done here is a video that will show you step by step the things mentioned above.

This will come in handy especially when some application will post silly things as your Twitter account status. Always pay attention and be careful what you’re doing and installing. Even if there wasn’t any access granted to them you should have a look around because some apps are very “sneaky” and could overlap that access point.

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