How To Extend iPad Video Storage Via The Camera Connection Kit


How To Extend iPad Video Storage Via The Camera Connection Kit

The iPad can be a great device to use when making long journeys either by plane or by coach, because an iPad can be a very useful weapon against boredom. I, for example, like to watch my favorite TV shows when I travel around the country. But the storage space of the iPad is never sufficient enough for me. Thinking that many iPad users may have the problem I have, writing this article can be very handy for many users.

The general idea is that you can use other devices as an external storage for the iPad. This device isĀ Apple’s iPad Camera Connection Kit which is developed as an intermediate gadget between your camera and you iPad. To be more explicit, the iPad Camera Connection Kit is used to take photos from your camera’s SD card and insert them into the iPad. But you can also put some movies on the SD card (by doing some file naming) and use it for your iPad as an external storage.

Of course, you’ll have to do a little trick, because the connection kit is set by default to import only photos and videos taken with the camera. So, you’ll have to make the kit believe that your ripped videos were produced by your camera. To get it done, it’s better with your camera first. After that, just throw your video files in the folder which was created by the camera, and rename them like the files stored by the camera (8-digit filenames such as DCM_0001). Then, theĀ Camera Connection Kit to the iPad, the movies will be placed in the photos application.

The downside is that you can’t import all your movies because of the iPad limited storage space, but after you’ve watched them, you can delete the files and import other with the same method. Anyhow, it’s better this way than just having the iPad alone.


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