How To Enable Flash Feature On Apple iPad


Although the iPad is one marvel of the current age it has its flops. Like for example the fact you can’t play a normal flash video. You can realize of course the downside of not seeing some videos or even playing some nice flash games.

But apparently all you Apple fans are used to not having this nice feature on your devices (or so I think after seeing people buying millions of iPads in just a couple of months). Also if you look at the number of iPhones sold in just the launch day…

But again our favorite hackers came into play and have managed somehow to make this Flash feature work. If you are willing to jailbreak your iPad you will be able to enjoy all those things that were restricted to you by Steve’s company.

The question remains what will happen when HTML5 will be fully integrated in websites. Will Apple be again outdated by it with their new devices? We can’t know but we shore hope not.

Until then here is a YouTube video in which you will be told how to add that Flash thingy to iOS’s iPad. Enjoy!

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