How To Play CityVille On Facebook


How To Play CityVille On Facebook

Facebook! What a world phenomenon. And although at 1st it started as a social site now it also can serve as a game playing mania.

In this tutorial we will teach you how you can enjoy playing CityVille on Facebook. You will enjoy it because it is very easy and at the same time free. If you have already played city building games like Sim City then you will be familiarized with the concept. The bases are simple: start a city with a few things and with proper investments and right action send its inhabitants into a metropolis.

If being a mayor was a long dream this is probably the closest you can get of achieving it (and if I think a little you will be more than just a shaking hand/signing contract man).

When you will play CityVille on Facebook you will run your own city. Among the 1st missions in the game there will be some cleaning to do. After that you will have the option to add houses, plant some food for inhabitants and even create a few businesses for the wealth of your community. At some point friends will be able to provide you with some imported goods in their retail stores. It can’t get more realistic than this.

Play CityVille

So here are a few steps into entering this magic world of city building:

  1. Enter in your Facebook account and click on the search bar located at the top of the screen.

  2. Search for the word “CityVille” and then press enter.

  3. Select CityVille (it will be probably the 1st option)

  4. Just hit the play button

  5. There will appear a request for permission. If you will want to go forward and play this sim city building game you will need to accept it.

  6. After that access to your account has been granted and you will start playing the game

If you will be stranded in the game and won’t know what to do and when there is also a help function implemented in the game. Also visiting Facebook Tips would prove useful in some situations.

Play CityVille

But be advice. Once you start this click and plant game nothing will stop you from sitting hours and hours in front of a static image waiting for those energy points to come and let you do more actions. Very addictive to be honest!

Play CityVille

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