How To Secure / Protect Your Twitter Account With The HTTPS Setting


How To Secure / Protect Your Twitter Account With The HTTPS Setting

It’s always adequate to use HTTPS on web sites such as an social network. To have an improved security system this article will teach you you can enable the HTTPS settings in your Twitter account, because Twitter has recently included the option for turning on HTTPS encryption for all connections. This is how you can do it:

  1. Head to your Twitter settings page.

  2. You will see and option called “Always use HTTPS”. Check the small box near it.

  3. Then, click Save and re-introduce your password when you asked to.

If you go forward, when using Twitter, the data will always flow in a more secure way using the HTTPS protocol. Now, you can open your Twitter account from every computer in any coffee shop, and don’t need to be concerned about anyone stealing your cookies and pretending to be you on Twitter as it often happens. Also, you can access Twitter using other clients because in some cases, HTTPS is working either if you have enabled it on not.

HTTPS is used when it comes to protecting your password, thus when you log into Twitter, and it’s also used on mobile applications such as the official Twitter for iPhone and iPad.

Of course, there are moments when enabling HTTPS in your settings will not force HTTPS. For instance, if you want to use HTTPS when using a mobile browser to visit Twitter you have to go to to use HTTPS for now (at least for now).

Twitter gets HTTPS

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