How To Extract A MP3 Audio File From An AVI Video File For Free


How To Extract A MP3 Audio File From An AVI Video File For Free

Back in the days you only had one option to extract an MP3 audio file: to be a professional with the proper tools.

Things changed now as anyone can perform this task now. It’s piece of cake as all you need is a regular PC ¬†as all of them feature video and audio editing capabilities.

It’s great¬†that a computer can do this for us at home now. Nowadays, things are getting better and better thanks to computer-technology.

If you wonder how to extract MP3 audio from an AVI video file, I’ve got the prefect solution for you and is free, too, making the whole thing even better.

Here is what you need a free program called : Any Video Converter.

This are the easy steps to do the job :

  1. Download Any Video Converter free here;

  2. Install Any Video Converter;

  3. Open the software;

  4. Hit the “Add Video” button at the top;


  6. Search for  your video file on your PC;

  7. Select your video and making blue;

  8. Go to open button at the bottom;

  9. By now your video is imported into your video converter;


  11. Be sure that the box is ticked next to the video;

  12. Choose profile to convert to;

  13. Press the small drop-down to see your choices;

  14. Select MP3 audio;


  16. To start the process press convert button;


When the process is done go to file menu at the top and choose open output folder.

This is the best free¬†software¬†online now, and I’ve really enjoyed therefore try it and tell me if it worked for you as well.

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