How To Resize Batch Images With Image Resizer Powertoy Clone


How To Resize Batch Images With Image Resizer Powertoy Clone

When it comes to making picture changes I usually use Photoshop from Adobe. But what happens to those people who don’t have the skills and don’t even need all those features offered by this program or others like it. What if you just need to resize a photo?

Image Resizer Powertoy Clone

Luckily for you Microsoft also offers with their Windows OS Image Resizer Powertoy Clone which is free of charge. If I think a little I never used the original Powertoy before but from what I know I can tell you its clone will let you batch-resize image files very easy.

  1. You will get a single context menu entry which will be called “Resize Pictures”.

  2. Select several image files and then click the entry. This will result into a simple-looking dialog pops up.

  3. There are two modes available: “Basic” in which you will be able to choose one of four preset resolutions and an “Advanced” mode that will let you specify a custom resolution (chose to make picture smaller rather than larger because if you have knowledge about pixels you know what I mean).

All the copies that will be done will be sensible named. For example if you select the Mobile option all of them will have the Mobile word attached to the original file name.

Don’t know if I would ever use this tool because as I already said earlier I use Photoshop. Also there is the IrfanView’s batch mode that offers the same thing and even more customization. But, again for those of you who just want simple and easy to use free software this will prove to be the perfect option. So start resizing those big pictures for nice phone wallpaper.

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