How To Maximize Your Android Phone’s Battery Life


How To Maximize Your Android Phone’s Battery Life

This article is all about learning you how to maximize your Android Phone’s battery life, and for sure you got yourself a new Android phone that has kept you from doing anything else, in fact you feel so much fond of your new Android phone that you can not keep your hands out of it. Read this article so you can increase the battery life instead of putting the phone down.

The general idea is to eliminate the things that are draining your Android Phone’s battery and tweak for a little. See bellow the full explanation.  Also here you can check How To Increase Battery Life On Your iPhone, iPod Touch Or iPad.

Check Android’s Built-in Battery Usage Screen

This built-in battery usage screen will tell you exactly what application or functionality is killing the most of your battery. Go to Settings > About Phone > Battery and see what has been draining the battery out of your Android phone.

maximize android battery

Check the screen and see what applications are the worst for your Android battery, and you will see with your own eyes that the biggest one is actually the backlight on the phone.

So feel free to configure the backlight to around 60% of the standard functionality, or adjust the Backlight to a less Bright resolution that you find appropriate to your taste.

Modify The Backlight And Set It To A Less Bright Resolution

To adjust the settings go to Settings > Display > Brightness, here you can opt to automatically adjust, which works pretty well most of the time, or do it manually by turning the brightness down to the lowest level or to the level you consider fit.

brightness adjustment

On the other hand make sure that the screen timeout value is allowed to turn off swiftly as well.

Deactivate Your Wi-Fi If You Do Not Need It

Wi-Fi is great if you need to rapidly access data on your phone, but in the same time it can be a big source of draining out the battery. Your Android phone will attempt scanning for a wireless network even when you do not want it to.

Go to Settings > Wireless and Network > Airplane mode and enable Airplane mode.

airplane mode

Easily you can switch the Wi-Fi off or on with a shortcut or a widget, as there is built-in widget included in Android phones. Or you can create your own shortcuts to directly turn them on or off without requiring a widget using BetterCut or AnyCut.

You Can Deactivate Bluetooth If You Don’t Use It

There is no reason to have Bluetooth running all the time if you are not using a wireless headset, so if you disable Bluetooth you can save a lot of your Android Phone’s battery. If you don’t frequently use Bluetooth it is recommended to follow these steps and cut off unnecessary battery consumption. Go to Settings > Wireless and networks > Bluetooth.

Whenever you want you can activate or deactivate Bluetooth, using the power widget.

You Can Use The Power Widjet To Easily Toggle Bluetooth, Screen Brightness, Bluetooth, GPS

To toggle these settings off or on, long press on the background of your Android phone screen choose Widget –> Power Control so you can add it to the screen with the help of a built-in Power Widget functionality. The icon on the right lets you easily toggle the screen brightness settings.

power widget

Here is the easiest and maybe the simplest way to save battery without having to go through the settings all the time.

Another Way Is To Deactivate Applications That Sync Frequently

Simply open up the Email app, go to your account and choose Account settings > Email Check frequency from the menu. It is recommended to change the frequency settings to one hour or simply deactivate apps that frequently sync, as you can always hit refresh manually, anytime you want to read your email and in that way save a lot of battery from your Android Phone.

disable apps that constantly sync

This applies for other websites such as Twitter or other social and micro blogging websites, which sincerely doesn’t truly require frequent update. Go to Settings > Background Updates located on the main screen, also for the official Twitter application, the settings are practically the same.


Customize the Refresh interval for Facebook as well, if you do not need it to update all the time, it is recommended to set the value as high as possible. Go to Facebook main screen, the one with many icons and head to Settings > Refresh interval located on the menu.


Deactivate The GPS Location Feature If It’s Required

You should know that the biggest Android battery ” killer ” is the GPS feature. If the navigation is going the battery is drained out way to fast, forcing you to keep your Android phone plugged in the whole time you are driving. But this is not everything, there are a lot of other apps that are using the GPS as well.

GPS location feature

Also you should turn off the geolocation feature from your weather app, Twitter client, or other application that you might have and really do not need it.

You Can Use a Task Manager And Always See What Is Always Running

Always keep a version of Advanced Task Cleaner or other similar app installed on your Android phone to help you disable programs that do not require to be running, and see exactly what repeatedly is launched in the background. You have the option to setup an auto-kill list for programs that you do not use very often.

To sum it up in this section to keep your application idle on your Android phone is the sure road to killing your battery.

Task Manager

When it comes to battery life, you have the possibility to configure the advanced task manager to reveal the CPU usage for each application which is a more useful meter than the memory usage.

Remove Or Deactivate Applications That You Do Not Use

To save as much battery as possible for your Android phone, identify the apps that you are not confortable with running all the time and check it’s settings so you can see if those can be eliminated from running in the background. There are some applications with an option for notifications allowing you to turn them off if those apps are not required anymore.

So practically you should remove the application you do not need anymore, and especially you should focus on the ones that are killing your battery, check the task manager or the android battery panel for that.

Go to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications and then just click the Uninstall button for the selected application.

Remove useless applications

Deactivate Unneded Home Screen Widgets

Remove the widgets that are pulling data from the web, or just remove the ones that you do not really need. Those widgets that are pulling data from the web are likely pulling down data in the background all the time, so if you wan to maximize your Android phone’s battery life remove unneded widgets.

Deactivate Animated Wallpaper

Just get rid of that animated wallpaper that helps draining your battery.

disable animated wallpaper

Eliminate Your Entire Data Connection If You Don’t Need It Using APNDroid

Use the APNDroid to wipe out your data connection with a simple widget, if you are using phone that is on the AT&T or T-Mobile networks.

kill data connection

Keep Your Battery From Getting Too Hot

Never leave your Android Phone out in the sun, as this is the shortest way kill your battery, keep your phone in a cool place whenever possible.

If you consider fit, feel free to use Tasker, an application able to automate some actions, like scheduling a time of day to make sure that Wi-Fi is disabled or turning off the Wi-Fi or GPS when a particular app is launched.

Feel free to comment this article bellow, if you have other tips for your fellow readers or if these tricks have been of some help in increasing the life of your Android phone battery do not hesitate to express your comment.


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