How To Make Chrome Faster: Enable Hardware Acceleration And More


How To Make Chrome Faster: Enable Hardware Acceleration And More

Everything is about speed these days, from fast cars to fast computers. And of course here at Soft Sailor we also like our web browsers to be the fastest (get more juice from them).

Like for example let’s take hardware acceleration in consideration. Most known browsers have this feature turned on. And because this is a default option and most of you not use Firefox 4 (still in beta version) or Internet Explorer 9 you won’t even enjoy what it has to offer. And if we think a little the latest poll showed us that most of you are using Chrome these days.

Chrome Logo

So, I think it is necessary to know how to turn this feature on in all Chrome versions currently available (stable 9, beta 10 and canary 11). It is both easy and efficient, speeding up the browser for all those of you who have an “old school” laptop and have open more than 30 tabs or so. We will discuss a little even about pre-rendering, a thing that will give another speed efficiency.

  1. Visit about: flags

  2. Enable GPU Accelerated Compositing

  3. Below that there is the GPU Accelerated Canvas 2D which needs to be enabled to (for those who are using Chrome 11 this feature doesn’t exist because it is enabled by default)

  4. For MAC users there is only the GPU Accelerated Compositing because the other one is not yet available for them.

  5. Scroll down and also enable Web Page Prerendering

  6. Click the Restart button from the bottom of the page to give a reboot to your Chrome browser.

Chrome Hardware Acceleration

Now for a quick test just reenter the Soft Sailor page and see how things are running smother.

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