How To Search Files By Typing Their Names


How To Search Files By Typing Their Names

There are numerous tips and tricks you can do on your Windows (it doesn’t even matter what version). To give you one example I remember some time back the magic moment when I discovered that if you make a right click on the Start Menu you will have the option to arrange them by name, for example. That is just one moment from where I learned that this sort of “not necessary but must know” tricks should be shared with the audience.

Type Trick

Now let me tell you how you can jump to a file, which you already know the name, in a few simple to follow steps. All you will have to do is type:

  1. Enter any folder in which the file is located.

  2. For example let’s say you have a file that is named “firefox”. Start typing the latters “f-i-r-e-

As you already noticed when you typed the letter “f” windows automatically selected for you the 1st word that begins with this later. When you typed “i” you were moved to the 1st word that contains the letters “f “ and ”i” at the beginning. And the rules apply the same for the following letters.

It’s very simple and fast when searching for and MP3 for example. Although it won’t make any life changing things inside your PC it will make the working speed faster. When you will get the hand of it, this will become a regular practice.

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