How To Increase Battery Life On Your iPhone, iPod Touch Or iPad


How To Increase Battery Life On Your iPhone, iPod Touch Or iPad

This article is all about learning you few tricks on how to maximize your iDevice battery life, so if you have bought yourself a new iPhone, iPod or iPad check this useful tricks that are going to help you keep your battery running for as long as possible.

I have often asked my self which is the best solution to prolong my iDevice battery life, and i am sure that like myself many of you have, see bellow which of the following solutions are best suited for you. If you have an Android phone and wonder how you can maximize your battery life, check this article How To Maximize Your Android Phone’s Battery Life.

Do Not Keep Your iPhone, iPod Touch Or iPad Out In The Sun

Heat is your battery worst enemy, so don’t ever leave your iPhone, iPod Touch Or iPad in a hot car, for as much as possible try to store your iDevice in a cool place. Otherwise your iPad, iPhone, iPod will barely hold a charge.

Reduce Your iPod, iPhone, iPad Screen Brightness

One sure road to wasting your battery life is to keep your iDevice screen at maximum brightness all the time. These days the screens are so bright especially at night, to adjust the level of brightness got to Settings > Brightness and Wallpaper and keep it to a 40% low and still have proper way to use your iDevice.


Quickly Lock Your iPhone, iPod Touch Or iPad’s Screen To Save Battery

If like myself you have this nasty habit of frequently pulling back and forth your iPhone from the pocket without turning the display off, this may cause your battery to drain really fast, so go to General > Auto-Lock and set the screen to lock as fast as your iPhone or iPod Touch will let you.


Use Airplane Mode If You Use Applications That Do Not Require Internet

If you are that kind of man that like to play Angry Birds or other application for hours in a role, it wouldn’t be a good idea to have Internet access in the same time, so consider using Airplane Mode, which practically turns off both regular wireless radio and Wi-Fi. This will prevent you from receiving phone calls if you use an iPhone, but if you are busy playing some kind of fun application for sure you don’t want to be interrupted anyway.

It is recommended to use Airplane Mode when you find yourself in a area with bad or no signal as the iPad or iPhone will constantly search for a connection and that can drain your battery very soon. Go to Settings and switch functioning to Airplane Mode.

When Possible Use Wi-Fi Instead Of 3G

If you got an iPad you probably know that you have 10 hours of battery life under normal use with Wi-Fi enabled, 9 hours if you use 3G, and if you got an iPhone have 6 hours for #G and 10 hours of battery life if for Wi-Fi. In terms of battery life Wi-Fi is better that 3G.

To enable Wi-Fi go to Settings > Wi-Fi and simply pick up the network you would like to connect to.


Eliminate Or Diminish Mail And Calendar Checking

Your iDevice battery can drain very fast if you have numerous calendar, email, or contact accounts configured that they are all being downloaded frequently. Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data and change the settings to the least frequent check possible. Turn Push Off and then manually check when you need to.


Diminish Or Eliminate Push Notifications

Another way to maximize your battery life is to turn off the notifications from Twitter or other applications that you might be running, or to turn off Push completely. To accomplish that go to Settings > Notifications and save the much needed battery life.

Push Notifications

Eliminate or Reduce System Sounds

A very small amount of battery life can be saved by turning off system sounds, or by reducing system sounds. Simply do that by going to Setteings > General > Sounds to make the necessary change.

system sounds

Deactivate Location Services

Save some battery life by disabling location services, do that if you really don’t need location services. Go to Settings > General and flip the Location Services setting to off.

disable location services

Deactivate Bluetooth If You Don’t Need It

Keep the Bluetooth radio deactivated and save some extra battery life, you can do that if you do not use a Bluetooth keyboard or headset. Go to Settings > General > Bluetooth to change it on or off.

disable bluetooth

Deactivate Vibrate Feature in Games

A useful note for all of you guys that like to play intensive video games on your iPhone, iPod Touch Or iPad, those video games will drain the life out of your battery very fast, so if you got games that are using vibrate feature, simply turn it off.

Discharge and Charge Your Baterry On A Regular Bases

To have an iDevice working with maximum efficiency you have to fully discharge and recharge your battery at least once a month. Recharge your battery as soon as you see that it dies.

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