How To Use System Restore In Windows Vista And 7


How To Use System Restore In Windows Vista And 7

If you didn’t already know, the latests Windows operating systems meaning Vista and Windows 7, have a cool feature named System Restore. It can be very handy in case you install some bad applications (or any kind of software) which will make your PC run slowly. The System Restore feature has the ability to automatically back up your system files and registry every time any driver or new software is installed.

The System Restore feature can be used in two methods. In the first case, you hit the Start button and use the search box to find it. System Restore will appear immediately at the top of the start menu.


Or you can find it by typing “rstrui” into the same search box and pressing enter.

Next, a window will appear, presenting you two choices. If you choose the first one, your system will return to the last restore point. You only have to click “Recommended restore”, and then Next.


But if you choose a different restore point, a list of several restore points will appear. Select one of them, confirm, and restart the PC.

The best way to perform a system restore is from safe mode.

You can use this method when the usual restoration gives you an error. You can get into the save mode by rebooting Windows hitting the F8 key before the system starts. In some cases the F8 may not work. If this happens, you can force the system like this:

  • First, hit the Start button.

  • Go to the search box and type “msconfig”.

  • You will see a System Configuration displayed.

  • In the Boot Options section, there is a Boot tab, select it.

  • Click the check box beside the “Safe Boot/Minimal”.

  • Next, restart your computer. Your PC is now on safe mode so you can use the System Restore feature without any problem.

  • After you finish your work, go back to the search box, type “msconfig” again, and uncheck “Safe Boot”.

  • Restart your computer once more and you’re done.

If your system just won’t boot, you can always use the installation DVD. For that select the “Repair my computer” feature. From the System Recovery dialog, select System Restore. It might take a few seconds until the window will appear, but when it does you will see that it’s the same one from Windows. From here go to the next page and choose the appropriate drive. Click Finish, and Windows will return to the previous restore point.

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