How To Download / Save Youtube Videos Using KissYoutube


How To Download / Save Youtube Videos Using KissYoutube

Youtube is the most popular video sharing website with millions of daily users and one of the reasons for this fact, is that it has an almost-perfect interface with its easy to find and use search box. Youtube search box has support for word suggestions. But, since millions of users are watching Youtube videos and news on a daily basis, there are many of them wishing to have a magic program or application that could allow them to download and save videos directly from the website’s links. This brings us to the topic of this post, how to save your favorite Youtube videos on your PC.

Normally, Youtube allows its users to embed videos on their personal websites, but downloading videos directly from the Youtube’s website isn’t that easily. However, there is a method that you can try and in this post you will find the exact info for downloading videos from the world’s No.1 video sharing websites. Here are the steps that you have to take:

STEP1: Go to Youtube’s official website and browse for the video that you wish to save.

STEP2: Now if you look in the browser’s address bar, you will notice the entire link of the video currently playing. Click once in front of the ‘youtube’ text, just after the ‘www.’ part of the link.

STEP3: Now you have to add the word ‘kiss’ in front of youtube, it should look something like this: ‘…’; the dots stand for the video’s code.

STEP4: A pop-up dialog will be displayed buy your browser asking to click ‘Run’ for continue downloading the file or Cancel to stop the download. Click Run.

STEP5: Now you will be shown the page with the video format. Select one of the video qualities and download the video. Enjoy watching your favorite videos straight from your computer’s HDD.

I hope that you found this guide helpful and that from now on will remain happy, as you know that there is a free way to download Youtube videos. For any questions regarding the instructions in this post, please use our website’s comments box.

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