How To Access Network Connections In Windows Vista & 7 With Ease


How To Access Network Connections In Windows Vista & 7 With Ease

When it comes to network connecting, Windows XP has a very useful feature that allows yo to have an easy and quick passage to your network connections. You only have to hit the Start Menu and you are already there. Unfortunately this feature isn’t available in Windows Vista and Windows 7. That’s why, we offer two possibilities for quick access to your network connections.

The first method is to use the search box. Just hit the Windows Flag button and type the word “connections” in the search box. Wait a sec for the search engine to complete its work. Click on “View network connections” and all the network adapters will be displayed.

The second method is to remember these exact words: ncpa.cpl”. Type into the serch box or run dialog, and then press Enter. The result will be the same, meaning that all your network connections will be shown quickly.

Windows Network Connection

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