How To Change The Keyboard On Android Devices


How To Change The Keyboard On Android Devices

This tutorial reveals Android users a method to switch keyboards or input methods. If you didn’t figure out a way to do that yet just follow these two steps:

1) The keyboard or the input method must be first enabled. Go to your Android Settings, next Language & keyboard. Next to the keyboard’s name there is a small box, check it. Before the keyboard is enabled, Android will ask you if you are certain respective to what you are doing, confirm to proceed.

2) To go farther you need a text. Begin composing any text such as an email or a SMS, and long press text-field. A pup-up window containing several options will appear. You must press the one called “Input method” and you will see a list of several types of keyboards. Now, just select the desired one and you’re good to go.

Android Input Methods

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