How To Share Files / Documents Via Homegroup In Windows 7


How To Share Files / Documents Via Homegroup In Windows 7

The arrival of Windows 7 brought a hole whole lot of features including a way to share file and printers with users on your network, called the “homegroup”. To share files, you can simply right-click a random folder of your choosing and click share with (there are two sharing options; one lets other users view the content, and the other allow changes to be performed such as edit, delete and add new files). But this action can be performed only if you’ve created a homegroup during the Windows 7 setup process.

You can do it anyway, even if you didn’t create the homegroup in the first place. First you need to go to the Network and Sharing Center by using the search engine (type sharing). Check your network type, under the active networks. For the homegroup to work it should be set on Home network, if not click the next to switch.

As soon as the change is done, Windows will search for an existing group on your network, and if it finds one you will be asked if you want to join that group. In case a group isn’t found, you’ll have to create one yourself. Select the types of files you want to share. If you don’t want to phase in your own password, make sure you note down the random one that Windows creates.

If a homegroup is already created, you only have to join it. Hit the Windows key and type “homegroup” in the search engine. After the homegroup is found, just click the “Join now” button and you’ll be connected. After you set your sharing options, click Next and enter the password. Now you can right-click and share any folder as I said in the first place.

Some users happens to forget their passwords. In this case you have to open the homegroup screen on another computer and you can view or print the homegroup password by clicking the link at the bottom of the window. Windows will search the network for printers, folders and libraries.

From now on, sharing files and folders on your network will be easier that taking candy from a baby.

Windows 7 HomeGroup

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