How to Share Folders / Files On A Windows Network


How to Share Folders / Files On A Windows Network

Everybody knows that is very easy to share folders and files on Windows 7, unfortunately Windows Vista and Windows XP users are not so lucky. This article is going to learn you few simple ways to share files on both Windows Vista and Windows XP, too.

This Is How You Can Share Files On Your Windows XP Network:
  1. Click Start > Run, then type control folders, after that press enter

  2. Click the View tab then scroll down to the bottom of the list box

  3. Place a check next to use simple file sharing and then click OK

  4. Open My Computer and browse to the folder or file you want to share

  5. Right-click the folder so you can choose sharing and security

  6. Click the warning text “If you understand the security risks…” then click Just enable file sharing

  7. Check Share this folder on the network and give your share a name , note that it doesn’t have to match the folder name.

  8. You can opt to allow others to delete, edit, and add new files, and check the Allow box.

  9. Finally Click OK and you are done.

Now, any other PC from your network system should have access to the shared folder on your XP system. On the other hand Microsoft offers a very detailed step-by-step guide for those of you looking for an complete walkthrough.

share on xp

This Is How You Can Share Files On Your Windows Vista Network:

Vista introduced a some new features specially designed to make sharing easier than it was in XP  Public Folders. Although they are not quite as flexible as on Windows 7 homegroups Vista’s Public Folders are easy to configure and use.

  1. Click Windows button and type sharing, then click Advanced sharing settings.

  2. Under Home or Work, you have to scroll down to Public folder sharing

  3. Click the radio button next to Turn on sharing

If you follow the steps seen above then the C:UsersPublic directory is now shared, and other users can now view or modify files and folders inside. In case you want to prevent people from making changes, check the steps bellow:

  1. Browse to C:Users, right-click Public, and choose properties.

  2. Click  Security tab and then click the Edit button.

  3. Finally you have to Click Everyone, then uncheck Full control, Modify, and Write under Permissions for Everyone.

Practiocaly any folder or file that you might wanna share now can be dropped into the Public folder for an extremely easy access. Enjoy !!


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