How To Change The “Launch By Default” Application On Android


How To Change The “Launch By Default” Application On Android

Every time you try a Web browser or an alternative launcher, Android is set to ask if you would like the application to be default from now on. You may say yes and then come to regret it later on, maybe you have decided you like another launcher better, or go you can go back using the stock android browser.

You can op to uninstall the application that no longer want as default, but this is kinda rough and not the best solution. But in case you still want to keep it in your system and only use it every now and then, or to stop an app from being the default application do as bellow.

This is How You Can Change A Default Application On Android:

1. Firstly go to Settings > Applications> Manage applications
2. Secondly locate your application from the list, in case that the list is to long hit the Running tab, as your application is most likely to run in the background.
3. As soon as you have located the app, tap on it’s name.
4. Now you are in the Application info screen, scroll down until you see the heading which says Launch by default.
5. Finally you are required to hit the Clear default button which is shown in the screenshot.

When you decide to change the default application that opens when a action under Android is performed, disable the application that is currently the default, after that it will ask you to choose the default next time. This is very useful to know when to choose whether Google Voice should be default SMS app or not.

Launch a browser and go to the home screen every time you try to perform the operation previously associated with this application. Instantly you will be presented with a dialog allowing you to chose what application should be used.

Enjoy !!

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