How To Switch / Jump Between Recently-Used Android Applications


How To Switch / Jump Between Recently-Used Android Applications

This article is going to learn you how to switch between the applications you have recently used on Android. It is well known that Android is a mobile operating system that inherently is capable of multitasking, has a complex mechanism for deciding which applications should be kept running in the background, and which should be terminated to maintain system resources.

Meaning that Android is able to keep tabs on which applications are running, and when. Actually there is simple way to tap into this mechanism, a long press of the Home hardware button on your device pops up an overlay screen showing the most recently-used apps. Another way is that the home button, a folder pops up containing all active applications, so practically you can very easily switch back and forth between open applications this way.

After that just tap application’s icon to switch to it.

This Android functionality is similar to a PC that enters hibernation or sleep, so when you switch or jump to another application, the iPhone will save its state. But there are few APIs that will allow for things like VoIP apps, music playback, and location updates to happen in the background. I hope that is a helpful information, so to sum it up use this function to switch between recently used applications since neither of the apps do not have all the functionalities that you need.


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