Gmail Smart Labels Now Feature Automatic Inbox Filters For Massive Email Amount


Gmail Smart Labels Now Feature Automatic Inbox Filters For Massive Email Amount

As you probably have learned Gmail allows it’s users to nurture and create powerful filters, that being one of the strongest feature that Google Mail is set with. Google Mail now has a new Gmail Labs feature which allows every user to to pre-set Smart Labels to automatically catch bulk mailing lists, bulk messages, and service notifications.

Smart Labels act as a kind of housekeeper for the mail which ends up in the lower third of your inbox, and works in duo with the Priority Inbox. If you are wondering what kind of mail do the Smart Label catch, then you will learn that there are three main categories, and one of them is automatically kept out of your Inbox.

See bellow which are the main three mail categories that Smart Label is able to catch:
  1. Notifications such as Messages sent to you directly and automatically generated like bills, receipts, monthly statements, and updates from social services like MySpace, Twitter, Facebook etc.

  2. Bulk such as Mass mailings, like offerings from companies and newsletters. This is the email equivalent of the bulk mail you get in paper form.

  3. Forums which includes messages for forums, mailing lists and other groups you have joined.

Google has stated that these new and automatically populated filters are not going to touch any filters that previously were set up, and that users will be able to increase or slim down their scope from your Filter Settings.

Just Enter into the Labs section of Gmail to search and enable Smart Labels. If you won’t find them immediately available do not panic as they should arrive soon. It will work very well for your over-stuffed inbox.

Enjoy !!


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