How To Enable / Activate Multitasking Gesture Support For iOS 4.3 Using Xcode


How To Enable / Activate Multitasking Gesture Support For iOS 4.3 Using Xcode

The iOS 4.3 for all the Apple iOS devices has been released and it comes packed with bug fixes, improved features and some support for new tools and applications. But, as you already knew, the mutitouch support hasn’t been added into the latest iOS update. Still, some iOS app developers have managed to enable such multi-touch gestures for the iOS 4.3. Performing such action will ensure that the new iPad 2 will offer multiple other possibilities.

Activating the MultiTasking gestures onto your new iPad 2 device will provide better control over applications and settings that you have installed onto your iOS device. To perform such actions you will be simply need to click a few buttons and download the packaged that will offer support for multi-touch on your iOS 4.3 device. The application that will help you enable Mutitasking gestures for iOS 4.3 is called Xcode and you simply have to download and install it. Here’s the complete guide to enabling multi-touch gesture support for your iOS 4.3 device, by using the Xcode application:

  1. Go to the Mac App Store and search for the Xcode application or you can simply click here.

  2. Download Xcode and open it. Follow those nagging dialogs and at some point you will reach the main screen of Xcode.

  3. Connect your IPad 2 and you should spot a button that says ‘Use for development’, click it.

  4. A new screen that confirms the iPad 2 connection should appear, otherwise you will have to go to “Devices” and from that menu you have to select your iPad model.

  5. Now Xcode app will ask you to enter your ID and Password for accessing the developer’s account at the Mac App Store. You will be asked to pay $99 as the entry fee for a dev account, but if you do not wish to pay it, then you should click Cancel.

  6. Now you have to unplug the iPad and after that simply activate the feature from the Settings app. That’s it.

These were all the steps that you had to take in order to successfully enable the multitasking gestures for iOS 4.3 using the Xcode application.

For any questions regarding the new iOS 4.3 and how to enable the multi-touch feature on it, use our comments field.

Enable Multitasking Gesture In iOS 4.3

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