How To Install iMovie On iPad ( Installation Guide )


How To Install iMovie On iPad ( Installation Guide )

iMovie is a video editing software service that has been created by Apple Inc to be used on the latest Mac, iPhone 4, iPad 2 and iPod Touch 4G. This application has been released to help users edit and customize their own movies. The first time that iMovie has been available for public usage, it was done in 1999 for the Mac OS 8 and, when the iMovie 3 edition was released, it came incorporated into iLife package for the Macintosh programs.

iMovie has been previously configured to work on the iPhone 3GS and we all knew that someone will eventually manage to hack the iMovie 1.2 ( iPad 2 edition ) to work with the 1st iPad generation. So, if you wish to know how you can do it, simply follow the instructions listed below and at the end of this installation guide you will be able to use the iMovie on your iPad. Here are the instructions:

  1. Download the iPhone Configuration Utility 3.3.

  2. Launch the iPhone Configuration Utility and click the ‘Applications’ button.

  3. Now you have to select and open the iMovie app, it can be located in the iTunes / Mobile Applications menu.

  4. Connect your iPad 1st gen via USB and select the iPad model from the ‘Devices’ area.

  5. Click on ‘Applications’ menu and select ‘Install’ if you wish to add the iMovie 1.2 application on your iPad device.

That’s it, now you can use the iMovie app on your iPad 1st generation, which enables you to edit and add effects to your movies. As you know the iMovie supports video and audio trimming, syncing, full screen previewing, also it has support for one video track and 2 video track. The video effects that you can add are fast motion, slow motion, brightness and contrast, fairy dust effects etc.

If you have any question regarding the installation process of the iMovie onto your iPad, you should use the comments field located at the end of this post.

iMovie Working On iPad

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