How To Add A Keyboard Shortcut To Google Chrome Bookmarks


How To Add A Keyboard Shortcut To Google Chrome Bookmarks

It can be really nice to have keyboard shortcuts for every bookmark of a web browser because it save a lot of time that you spend while searching through folders for bookmarks. Mozilla Firefox came with a cool feature called “Smart bookmarks” which allows users to assign ¬†keywords for bookmarks. On the other hand, Google Chrome doesn’t have that feature, allowing only to add keywords to search engine.

It doesn’t matter because this tutorial will teach you how to surpass this problem. Practically, you have to add your bookmarks as search engines. There is a catch though, because you won’t be able to access the bookmarks using the Bookmarks Bar or Bookmarks Manager, but the good news is that you can access you favorite web sites using several keyboard shortcuts, and it’s even faster.

The first thing you have to do is quite simple, just go to your Chrome address bar, right-click it and select Edit search engines.

If you have the version 9 of Chrome, a windows will pop up; if you are using Chrome 10 or later a tab will be opened.

Settings for Chrome 9: click Add, and proceed as if you were adding a normal bookmark by filling the details. But you will notice that the keyword has become the keyboard shortcut. Keep in mind that the keyword must consist of maximum two letters.

Settings for Chrome 10 or later: scroll down and add a new row at the bottom. Just like on Chrome 9, the keyword must not have more than two letters.

I almost forgot, to use the new keyboard shortcuts, you only have to hit Ctrl+L, then the keyword followed by Enter.

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