14 KeyBoard Shortcuts In Google Chrome: Take Your Surfing Experience To A New Level


14 KeyBoard Shortcuts In Google Chrome: Take Your Surfing Experience To A New Level

Google Chrome is the new start of the Internet Web Browsers, with a spartan UI that without a doubt makes it feel and act faster. But as in life when you win some you may have to lose some, Google Chrome like Internet Explorer 9 has all the sparky features hidden behind two or maybe three mouse clicks, making you loose any real effectiveness.

How To Gain Speed While Working With Your Google Chrome

Chrome is mind blowing fast, having a super-fast JavaScript engine, and now here you can learn how to have extra efficiency while working with your Google Chrome without having to move your hand to the mouse anytime you want to compile a command.

Ok now, if you want to make the most of Google Chrome’s Speed all you need is a bunch of keyboard shortcuts, just check them bellow.

  1. To open the Wrench Tools Menu use Alt+F or Alt+E, then just use the arrow keys to navigate it.

  2. Open the Downloads tab Ctrl+J

  3. Finds the next instance of your search term (Ctrl+F!) Ctrl+Shift+G finds the previous instance. Ctrl+G

  4. Selects your current page’s URL also puts the cursor in the address bar Ctrl+L.

  5. Bookmark your current Web page Ctrl+D

  6. How to View the source of your current page Ctrl+U

  7. Switch to the tab designated by the numbe rCtrl+1(2, 3, 4, etc)

  8. Opens the ‘Task Manager’, which you can use to close errant tabs/processes Shift+Esc

  9. Bookmarks all of your open Web pages in one folder Ctrl+Shift+D

  10. Toggles the Bookmarks Bar on and off Ctrl+Shift+B

  11. The same as F5 it can be faster for some people when typing Ctrl+R

  12. Opens the Chrome Developer Tools Ctrl+Shift+J

  13. Deletes one word or phrase to the left of your cursor in the address bar Ctrl+Backspace

  14. Re-open the most recently closed tab Ctrl+Shift+T

For Mac users you can check the list on the Google’s own Chrome support pages. For Linux users, your shortcuts are the same as for Windows.


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