How To Adjust The Screen Time-out On Android


How To Adjust The Screen Time-out On Android

It doesn’t matter if you prefer your phone to blank as soon as it sets down while others prefer the opposite. You can opt to adjust your preference to best suit your capabilities.

This article is going to learn you how to change the screen time-out on your Android phone and in this way save a lot of battery power. This is great way of getting different stuff done in few easy steps.

It can get very annoying when trying to set up a new mobile but here is a quick guide:

  1. Tap on Settings and then tap on Sound and display.

  2. Under Display and  Sound scroll down and tap on Screen timeout.

  3. In the end tap the timeout value you wish to use

  4. Here you can set the screen timeout from 15 seconds to never.

Always keep in mind that if you never have your screen timeout you will use more battery, and never knows when you might desperately need to use your phone so you would better start saving your battery power as soon as you read this. Just proceed to making your selection and you are done.

There is a trade-off between convenience and battery life, having the screen time out after two whole minutes can be okey, but your battery is not going to last for too long . While you’re here, you can also easily adjust your display¬† brightness.

Enjoy !!


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