How To Make / Create A Torrent And Upload It To A Public Tracker


This article is meant to learn you ways to torrent more efficiently, get higher download speed and in the end to make the entire process easier. Anyway here you can learn how to make your own torrents.

As you well know torrents are coming from somewhere, right? In case you made up your mind to give something back after all these years of continuous leeching, you have to follow few easy steps.

How Can You Make Your Own Torrent? Easy..
  1. Open up your BitTorrent client of choice Transmission, Vuze, uTorrent,  doesn’t matter as they all work the same.

  2. Click the ‘Create’ button, if there is one or go to File > Create Torrent

  3. Select a source file or directory

  4. Find some trackers, in case you are making a torrent for a private torrent index you have to use it’s tracker. Otherwise, just paste all of the following into the box:


You can add a comment, also you can include your website, name, email address or whatever you like. Now make sure Private Torrent is unchecked, unless you have created a torrent for a private tracker.

5. Click Create and then add the new torrent to your client. Start seeding

Everything is very simple, after you have made a torrent and want to share a file between friends, workmates, or classmates just send the .torrent file. Simple and fast. On the other hand if you want to share your torrent publicly, follow these steps:

  1. In the first place register an account.

  2. Click Upload Torrent, also the method is the same for uploading to a private site, in this case make sure you have used its private tracker.

Enjoy !!

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